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It's good that you've chosen a tour as a quality way to enjoy your time.
We have assembled a few tips for you to create the perfect, complete experience. Good luck.



  • Date and Place- Be aware of the Jewish and Gregorian dates so as not to 'fall' on a problematic, overcrowded date: A festival or any other mass event or performance are likely to diminish your enjoyment and cause traffic jams and parking problems.
  • Variety – In order to offer variety and surprise participants, it's a good idea to integrate surprise elements in the tour (actors, musicians, activities and other attractions) but don't get carried away. To overdo is to 'overload'.
  • Uniqueness – Look for unique activities specific to the area you are touring. For example: You can take an ATV (all terrain vehicle) tour anywhere in the world, but walking along the Old City walls or through the Kotel Tunnels can only be done in Jerusalem.
  • Experiential guide – Tours today are not like they once were. Tours today use as many senses as possible (taste, smell, hearing and sight), integrate plays, tasting, musicians, etc. A multi-talented guide can embellish your tour at no extra cost.
  • A place to sit – Prepare scarves or cushions for participants. The likelihood is that wherever the guide will suggest that you sit down, you will sit on a stone wall/railing. The stone is very cold and not always pleasant to sit on. Even if participants have brought coats and sweaters with them, they would still be glad to use the scarves to sit on, and they can keep them as useful souvenirs afterwards.
  • Contact person – It is recommended at the beginning of the day, to distribute to all participants a small note with the telephone number of the coordinator of the day. Just to be on the safe side, you know......


That's it in a nutshell. Would you like to get more tips?


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